Second Home
The departure to new worlds...

Second Home - the rules

§1 Accounts
I Account sharing
Every player may own at most one game account. Multiple accounts will be blocked. Should several persons wish to participate in Second Home via one PC or one IP (e.g. school, flat share, family), then this must be announced by submitting a sharing request. Sharing requests may be submitted ingame.
II Accountsitting
Sitting, i.e. logging in to game accounts other than one's own is generally not permitted. However, it is possible to organise a holiday replacement if need be. Further information on this may be found ingame.

§2 Bugusing
The exploitation of faults in the coding of the game to one's own advantage, so-called bugusing, is not permitted. Every player is obliged to immediately report any discovered bugs. If someone takes advantage of bugs to gain an unfair advantage, he will, according to the gravity of the case, be banned for at least 24 hours or possibly even permanently. The same applies to instances where bugs are not reported.

§3 Interference with the game mechanics
Measures which result in excessive traffic or are suited to impairing the gameplay are to be refrained from. Automatic or semi-automatic scripts which perform queries on the database or put in train game mechanisms are forbidden in particular. A violation thereof will lead to the immediate expulsion from the game. The administrators reserve the right to file compensatory claims amounting to the damage caused plus the costs of the resuting administration effort (see also terms and conditions).

§4 Names and codes of conduct
The name should consist of at least one forename and should contain no titles or names of jobs.
Player names, coats of arms, avatars, etc. which contain material that is obscene, racist, sexist, non-RPG-related or glorifies violence, will, after prior notification of the player and failure to respond within 24 hours, inadvertently lead to the barring of the account.
Linking to or providing X-rated articles, pictures, URLs or other digital sources as well as advertising external offers is forbidden within the game (including the official forum).

§5 Blackmail
Blackmail and threats concerning real life, may, according to the gravity of the case, lead to temporary or permanent exclusion from one or all of the servers as well as the Second Home forum.
Insulting or verbally harassing real persons which are represented by the game accounts is strictly forbidden within the game and all corresponding media (official forum, IRC, etc.).

§6 Pushing
Pushing is the exploitation of one account to the advantage of another and is forbidden.

§7 Finality of decisions made by the admins
A player may not circumvent an already reached decision of a server admin by for instance laying his case before another admin also responsible for this server (exception: complaint to the administrators).

§8 Restitution
If, on account of faults or defects in the coding or errors of the administrators or the Second Home team, disadavantages should arise for a player, he has no claims to the restitution of his status as it was before the incident. If and in what form such a restitution be granted under exceptional circumstances lies at the discretion of the administrators, who upon being notified by the appropriate server admin will examine the case and its circumstances.

§9 Exclusion from the game
A violation of any of these rules may lead to a ban or the exclusion from the game. Depending on the gravity of the case the administrators may extend the measure to all servers as well as all other offers of Second Home. Corresponding behaviour in the forum or IRC may consequently also lead to exclusion from the game. The team of admins pledges to follow up every case of a breach of the rules after its announcement to the best of its knowledge.

§10 Terms and conditions
For players who on account of local law, being underage or other reasons cannot in a legally binding manner agree to the terms and conditions, the terms and conditions will additionally be consulted when interpreting rules within the game. Hereby no legal obligation of the players to the terms and conditions arises, an equal assessment of circumstances is however enabled with regard to all players.

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